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Originally hailing from Shawano, Wisconsin, Joe Tierney began playing music at a young age. He went on to study music and history at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire where he had the opportunity to learn from and perform with some of the most highly-respected jazz musicians and educators in the world. 


He graduated college in 2012 and began his music career in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, performing with many world-class musicians and bands. In 2015 he escaped the clutches of an eternal winter and relocated to the Treasure Coast of Florida to join the premier Oktoberfest band in the country, The Alex Meixner Band. “Zigge Zagge Zigge Zagge, Hoi Hoi Hoi!!”


After a few years of traveling the country in lederhosen, Joe…having since been bestowed with the ubiquitous nickname “Sweet Butter”…decided to step back from touring and focus on performing locally in South Florida as well as teaching private lessons. Over time he carefully crafted the truly unique solo show that you see today.


Using only saxophone, beat box, loop pedals, vocals, and various effects to create rich and exciting accompaniments to a wide variety of original music, jazz standards, and modern and classic pop tunes, the Sweet Butter Joe Show combines technical and musical prowess with a playful and accessible presentation that provides a refreshing change of pace to the usual live music offerings. People everywhere have been delighted to hear familiar tunes presented in such a novel and unexpected manner…and amazed at what one man and a saxophone can do!

Now located in Greenville, SC as of January 2023!


If you want to experience some of your favorite tunes expertly performed like you’ve never seen or heard before, then you’re going to have to check out Sweet Butter Joe!



Check out my version of "Watermelon Sugar"

by Harry Styles!

Click the link below for more videos.




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